5 essentials for the maintenance of your boat during the winter

Winter is the right time to pamper your boat with some maintenance, which will allow you, among other things, to have your yacht available as soon as spring days arrive alongside its pleasant weather conditions.
In addition, in winter there are many more maintenance professionals available than at other times of the year. When spring arrives, all boat owners want to touch them up so they look their best in summer, which means that in spring many professionals in the nautical sector are saturated. Moreover, many of these professionals usually apply cheaper rates during the winter.

The motor

Navigation hours, sea water, sun … The engine is continuously exposed to very abrasive elements that hinder its proper functioning. Besides, it is one of the most sensitive parts of the ship. A poorly maintained engine can cause excessive consumption, leaks, unpleasant odors … Until the day when the situation complicates and the engine stops working.
Throughout the season it is advisable to take care of the engine after each boat trip with some basic gestures. It is also highly recommended to have it checked annually.

A good engine check includes several things: check the spark plugs, the fuel filter or the water separator, the water pump turbine, the base drain, the propeller control and the shaft grease, etc. Depending on whether your engine is outboard or inboard, the steps will be different. In both cases, the final step is of course to verify that the engine is operating and working properly and before each start of the season it is also recommended to check the hoses, gas connections and the condition of the screws and bolts.


The annual tank check serves to protect the fuel tank, clean the freshwater system and clean the holding tank.
For the fuel tank, it is advisable to pour a suitable additive before refueling to keep the fuel in good condition and prevent condensation from forming. As for the fresh water circuit, the tank must be completely emptied, pouring a cleaning product (the bleach is economical but leaves an unpleasant taste), then refill the tank and finally open the taps for a minute before refilling. Concerning the holding tank, it is necessary to empty it according to what the laws say, pour into it a cleaning product and fill it so that the cleaner can act on the entire surface of the tank.
For which cleaning products to use do not hesitate to contact us, there are perfectly suitable products for each of the steps to follow.


The winter season is the perfect time to redo the varnish of your boat.
This work takes time, and as we mentioned earlier, in winter there will be many more professionals available than at other times of the year. Besides, the low winter temperatures allow polishing the varnish: its process of drying lasts longer, what makes possible to detect any errors and mistakes. If you want to know more, see our article “Refit: carpentry” in which we talk with Anthony Avezard about this topic.

Inspection of the condition of the equipment and cleaning of the cabinets

Anchor, tips, awnings, appliances, high-tech accessories … it is time to check that everything works perfectly and is in good condition.
As for the cleaning of the cabinets, it is about emptying them and cleaning them thoroughly, but also putting the cushions on the edge and putting dehumidifiers, among others.

The Privilege Pack includes most of these steps. We offer different types of services that we customize according to the needs of each client to be able to satisfy them effectively.

Contact us for more information about the Privilege Pack -> info@privilege-yacht.com / +34 972 453 622; +34 616 803 971

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