Buying a used boat: 5 tips

Between administrative procedures, checking the condition of the equipment, listening to the cold engines, going out to sea for the test … Buying a used boat takes time and investment. Just like a bit of objective and be warning. At least trust someone who will have an eye for you! We get to the heart of the matter through 5 tips.

The model

Before anything else, it is important to define the type of boat you want. This depends on your “desires”, of course, but also on the kind of navigation you think you have (day trip, cruise for a few days, with family, with a pet …) and your home port . Depending on where you will moor your boat, some models will be more suitable than others. We are thinking, for example, of units with a removable arch for the bridges of the Empuriabrava marina …

Additional costs

The budget to be calculated unfortunately does not only take into account the purchase price. From the outset, you may have to pay the amount of a pre-purchase expertise. We told you about the importance of this expertise in one of our last posts. Then there are the navigation taxes, the flag … Similarly, it is preferable to measure the annual costs to come: the place at the port, the insurance, the wintering, the maintenance … And all next to.


The year of construction and launch, the engine hours … Do not tell everything about the general condition of a boat. Equipment is a key element when evaluating a unit. The discount would be 15% to 25% per year … Between 5 and 7 years, the equipment would lose all of its value (obsolete spare parts, new models …). So keep an eye on this when negotiating … if the equipment has a bottle, it’s all in your favor!

Learn about it

You have selected the models that suit you and you will go through the “visit” box. To prepare for it, nothing better than getting information from owners of the same boats! By getting closer to forums on the internet, you can find interesting information and unseal a point on which you would like to linger during the visit. Whether technical or aesthetic … Without going overboard!

The first impression

The first impression is essential, both for you, the buyer, but especially for the seller. And there we insist on the first impression for the seller. During the visit, you may have the chance to meet the owner. Imagine yourself in his place. Wouldn’t you feel more willing to negotiate the sale price if the possible buyer transmits sympathy?
With that, we leave you to your research;) From our years of experience, we have more than 50 boats for sale. In addition, our strategic geographic location, the Costa Brava, helps us find your pearl.

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