Buying a used boat: 5 taboo words

January. We come back strenghtened, with an article in vogue: we are talking about these 5 taboo words that we would like to avoid when buying a used boat.


The rating of a boat. The official quotation?

The automotive and real estate sector have reliable tools to get a position of a price on the market. Is it the same for boating? Websites and other resources available to us do not often consider the equipment or the type of engine of the boat. Many time, past the 10 years, the quotation stops. We much prefer to analyze the trend of the current market, positioning each boat in correlation with competitors.


Osmosis of the hull: the curse word?

Definition: infiltration of water through the gel-coat, reaching the polyester resin of the hull, causing delamination of the tissues. Diagnosis: presence of blisters/bubbles on the underwater part. Confirmation: hygrometry test of the hull. It is seen as the blot of a boat, the death sentence of a sale. Let’s put things in context. A boat with osmosis is not a boat about to sink. We just should do the necessary to restore the hull. Request an estimation of the work, and take this cost within the account of the purchase, as any other mechanical or aesthetic intervention to carry out, requiring a guarantee of the trade concerned.


What is the best time to buy?

Frequently, we hear that fall is the best moment to buy. Summer euphoria is fading. Swimming and water sports are less popular. Indeed, we get in this period where the ratio of “what a boat costs us Vs the use we make of it” becomes less interesting. You will often try to argue during your negotiation with the seller: “If you accept my offer, you will not have to pay the winter fees, …” Keep in mind that there is no good time to buy, but opportunities more or less interesting to grab. If you have a clear idea of the boat of your dreams, get involved as soon as it comes to you because otherwise someone else will do it for you.


The marine expert, the one who has the last word.

As part of a purchase, there is always this moment of doubt. Does the seller tell me the truth? Does he omit anything? What if I did not see a major problem on the boat? To clarify your doubts, hire an expert chosen by you. This professional uses methods to find the flaws of a ship, and his experience allows him to know how to detect bad signals. So, when you commit to your purchase, you will seal your agreement with the seller with confidence.


The running hours. A risk indicator?

Another pet peeve. The driving hours. If a boat has fewer hours than its competitor, then it goes first. Likewise, the 1000 hours cap seems difficult to cross when buying a boat. Except that, a good up-to-date maintenance book is so much more important than a number on a dial …

And you, do you think about other ideas that are the subject of all debates? Leave us your comment, to share our experiences together.

Privilege Yacht team wishes you a pleasant beginning of 2019. We remain at your disposal, for all your questions and nautical desires!  ➡ By the way, didn’t you want information about our Privilege Pack?


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