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Lifestyle, shopping, technology … we are talking about these novelties that have struck us the most. Be careful, the horizon is electric 😉

The air-conditioned terrace

The last at Silent-Yachts, an Austrian shipyard specializing in the construction of solar-powered catamarans, is a flybridge with air-conditioned panoramic lounge. This is the Silent 80 Tri-Deck, the most spacious model to date. This panoramic lounge, or sky lounge, can also be arranged as a suite with terrace. The brand seeks to create practical units with spaces to lengthen the navigation period. With 64 solar panels, it could travel up to 100 miles a day at a cruising speed of 6-7 knots.

The easy navigation

It’s called Oscar. It’s the first navigation aid system based on vision and artificial intelligence. During the day and the night, it detects floating objects, whether they are identifiable or not. Small, light and energy efficient, Oscar makes navigation and life on board more secure. It’s just necessary to install a box at the top of the mast and another inside the boat. The app is available on Google Play and App Store.

The Tesla of the seas

The Candela Seven is the first electric pleasure boat with retractable foils. It’s a Swedish star-up that is revealed with this project, well underway … in the land of Krispolls mass production has already begun. The first copies in Southern Europe should not be delayed. Constructed from carbon fiber, this electric outboard would take 30 knots in peak.

Intelligent docking

Raymarine is the first boat docking system for yachting. The DockSense. From intelligent cameras, this solution detects movements and objects while integrating with driving. Everything is visible on the screen. Current, wind and thrust of the propeller are also taken into account. It’s designed for any type of boat. Even in very limited spaces and complicated weather conditions, to dock suddenly becomes (almost) something fun.

The sun watch

Garmin will never stop.
In the range of the Fenix, the connected sports watches, here is the 6X Pro Solar. As the name suggests, it’s rechargeable with solar energy. How? With a photovoltaic glass and thus guarantee an autonomy of 3 more days. In addition to basic sports data, such as heart rate, and other improvements such as blood oxygen saturation control, the Fenix 6 offers new features: synchronization with different music streaming platforms, contactless payment …

We hope that we gave you some ideas about what to put on the Santa Claus wish list 😉 And if you still need more ideas, take a look at our selection of accessories.
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