Sailing along the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava, the north-east coast of the Catalan Mediterranean Sea, stretches over 200 kilometers of coastline between Portbou on the French border and Blanes over Barcelona. As the name suggests, “abrupt coast”, we will find there steep landscapes, drawn by the “Tramontana” a dry and strong north wind. Favored by a mild climate throughout the year, a magical fauna and flora and a tourism boom that has respected the uniqueness of the coast, several creeks and wild beaches, almost unknown, offer sensational sea trips
Botanical gardens, characteristic villages and many others are also to be discovered.
We share with you our favorite spots!
Today, we start with the northern part of the Costa Brava. From Cap de Creus to the Medes Islands.

Cap de Creus

Plan on spending a night at Cap de Creus, sheltered at Port Lligat. A creek of fishermen where the house of Dalí is hidden, from where Cadaquès is accessible in only 10 minutes walking.
The house of Dalí has to be visited! Even if you don’t know the integral work of the artist, this white house hung on the hill is a surprising haven of peace. Do not forget to book!
You may live a dreamlike awakening, surrounded only by a virgin coast, beautiful and soothing.
Not much on board for nibbling? A “chiringuito” is open in high season. Relaxed atmosphere, delicious little dishes.
Coordinates: 42° 17 ’37 “N, 3° 17′ 07” E
Do not miss any lighthouse on the Costa Brava.
After the one of Port de la Selva, the lighthouse of Cap de Creus, the most eastern of the coast, is also impressive for its isolated environment.


In Cadaqués, everything is possible: according to your desires, plan to stay at least a day and a night … While strolling in the narrow white streets of the fishing village, you will find here and there traces of the life of Dali and other creators. Cadaqués has long been and still remains a place with strong artistic presence.
Do you miss the countryside? Do not miss the vineyard Sa Perafita, 10 minutes by scooter from the city, to taste the wines of the moment.
For a restaurant, do you prefer to stay away from the big crowd? Stay at anchor at El Ros Beach or Ses Oliveres, facing each other, north of White Village. Stay at least until the end of the day, the sunset is unique. El Chiringuito de la Mei beach bar serves traditional, simple and tasty tapas. If you prefer to walk along the seafront and stand on one of the terraces, try Talla. Impressive, all the dishes are exquisite.
Coordinates: 42 ° 17 ’18 “N, 3 ° 16′ 37” E
Before continuing to go along the Costa Brava, especially if the weather is good, a day with or without a night in the Cala Tulip is super nice. From the boat, guess the shapes (camels, dragons, etc.) hidden in the landscape, as when looking at the clouds. Listen to the silence, look at the horizon!

Cala Montjoi and Cala Joncols 

Separated by Norfeu, Cala Montjoi and Cala Joncols are two creeks where it’s nice to stop.
To rest, for a ride in palms or walking and to eat a paella on board, this place is dreamed.
One or the other will be more pleasant according to the wind –> some mobile applications or website give all this kind of information (wind, mooring with anchor, etc.). We like, with user reviews and phone number of the taxi-boat!
Are you tempted by a paella? Go to Chiringuito La Pelosa, at the south of Cala Montjoi. While you can eat there (taxi-boat available), very relaxed atmosphere, you can also be delivered on board for lunch and dinner! Call with time!
Cala Montjoi coordinates: 42 ° 15’10.15 “N, 3 ° 13’35.11” E
Cala Joncols coordinates: 42º17’22.2”N, 3º16’40.116”E

Rosas bay and Medes islands

The port of Roses, north of the bay, welcomes yachts up to 30 meters. We stop there to “recharge the batteries”.
Moreover, do not hesitate to let yourself be tempted by fresh fish. 100% local product  provided by local fishermen. At Sodemar, for example!
VHF channel 9.
Port of Roses coordinates: 42°25’58.71 “N, 3°17’88.63” E
Heading to the south of the Costa Brava, you can enjoy a really nice moment of navigation on the edge of the Medes Islands.
An archipelago of seven islands, totally protected.
Do you want to dive to discover a breathtaking seabed? Do not stay without air! Contact a professional, diving is very regulated!
Medes Islands coordinates: 42°02’55.2 “N, 3°13’23.5” E
Before summer, we will go from Sa Tuna to Blanes.

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