Winter storage of your boat

Now that summer is over… it’s finally time to think about the storage of your boat! An indispensable step for a serene winter and a quiet coming back.
Ashore or afloat, various possibilities are available to you. In both cases, the wintering begins with some basic actions. We talked about it a few days ago: open the cupboards, put the cushions on the edge … Then empty the tanks, engine overhaul, etc. [Read more] For these last steps, we advise you to entrust your boat to a professional. His expert eye will also detect imperfections and / or possible problems thus avoiding headaches in the spring.

Winter ashore storage

This is the best option. Many professionals offer space for this, indoors or outdoors. Usually, the price includes leaving the boat and moving it to the warehouse. Some even offer a package including the annual review of engines, tanks, etc. Visit the place before choosing it and ask for the maintenance book once the overwintering ends. These are two actions to keep in mind! Remember to clean the hull immediately after leaving the boat, before the shells and soils dry. Similarly, once ashore, make sure that rainwater can flow properly … These are two of the things to do among many others!

Winter afloat

It’s the easy solution, as long as you can keep an eye on the boat to avoid jerks on the hull, moisture on the covers, osmosis, etc .. While wintering afloat, it is necessary to check the mooring, the condition of the batteries , the proper operation of automatic bilge pumps … You are not there? You don’t have time? In order to avoid any inconvenience and have peace of mind, consider the Privilege Pack, a tailor-made service that we offer to monitor and take care of your boat in your absence.
Also, do not forget to place dehumidifiers, and make sure that the bins are changed frequently.

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