Baby on board: 10 essentials

As we know, more and more shared experiences show us how compatible traveling and baby are!

So, how to go sailing?

Navigating with a baby is first and foremost adapting to the environment.
First, the equipment you need to bring with you depends on the trip you are about to make. It isn’t the same thing going out for a day as crossing to the Balearic Islands. 
The list of basic accessories will also be different depending on the space available on board, inside and outside.
Finally, everything will also depend on your desires!
We share our 10 essentials collected over time from our customers and our experiences!

From sunglasses to non-skid shoes

On board it’s essential to bring the right pair of sunglasses. Here, the tips are the same for any use (attachable option, size, etc.). Of course, maximum UV protection is strongly recommended.
Then, if the baby already trots, do not hesitate to put a pair of non-skid shoes! At least, avoid smooth one!

The playmate

Wedged between the dashboard and the kitchen, depending on the layout of your yacht, the playmat is one of the first spaces where the baby will feel finally free to move.
By installing the carpet at the bottom of the stairs, you can even enjoy the outdoors while having an eye on him!

The wraps, the maxi-cozy, the deckchair…

Depending on the rhythms of your desires and those of the baby!
In any case, look for and create a secure place. For example, the deckchair attaches very well between the seat and the table. The maxi-cozy can very well take place in the cockpit. The wraps, leaving your hands free, is one of the most practical baby carriers sailing!

The lunch box

Off-road bibs, plastic spoons, unbreakable cups… Make your life easier with accessories totally adapted to the marine world! It’s also thought to slip wipes to wash the baby.

Puree mashed without electricity

You are leaving for a while and baby starts his first meals… We know it, on board everything is about optimizing energy consumption!
A fork can make its effect, once in a while … but mashed puree without electricity exist! Do not hesitate.

The baby bed

Here, the choice is wide … again, everything depends on the space and your preferences.
Thanks to the quantity of “nomadic” parents, several brands offer special travel models. The beds called “nacelle” are the best. Some offer very practical options, such as the one with opening side to change baby. Moreover, depending on where and when you sail, do not forget the mosquito net!

The nappies

Impossible to miss!
Here too, the question arises according to the planned travel and your way to be. For a day sailing, if you aren’t connected with washable diaper, the disposable one will do the trick. On the other hand, if you plan to be sailing for a while or simply because you already use them everyday, the washable nappies are the best! Thus, we will avoid odors, the place to provide for waste .. Only problem? Washable ones need to be washed with pure water!

The “swimming-pool”

For a bath or for a refreshment, the basin or the egg bath are the perfect accessory to guarantee pleasant days on board for babies!

Life jacket

Essential, fundamental, obligatory … we place it at the end because we shouldn’t even mention it! The lifejacket is like the second baby‘s skin.
So, pay close attention! Many models exist, do not hesitate to ask for information and especially to take the right size! 

Creativity and kindness

As with everything, when we’re with a baby, we have to be creative! To understand his troubles, to install him comfortably, to entertain him … Every baby is a world! And for that, there is nothing better than kindness.

The list of essentials suits everyone … Tell us your experiences!

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