A gift idea for Christmas

Needing a Christmas gift idea?
For these holidays, we offer a tailored special service. From a plaid to cleaning, and from a bottle of wine to turning on the heat, we put everything in order so that your boat is ready for your arrival.
You have planned to spend a few days on your boat and you want to surprise him / her. You do not know where to celebrate Christmas Eve, you are looking for an “exotic” destination … You do not have time to organize the arrangements, you want to arrive with everything ready … Opt for the Privilege Gift. Our tailor-made concierge service.
Whether you arrive at day or night, choose the comfort mode. No need to bray barefooted feet on the cold hardwood floor, we turn on the heat in advance for you. Depending on the time you arrive, we prepare an aperitif … we listen to you … you choose!

Basic maintenance

Just arrived and the work is just starting! Open to ventilate, turn on the heat … check that everything is fine, put the bags down. And that’s just the beginning! In addition, the winter is almost there, it is cold, the days are shorter … what to demotivate in advance.
Treat yourself, give it the luxury and comfort of boarding and everything in place and in its place.
We offer a cleaning service and a start-up service for your boat.
Are you Privilege Pack client? Contact us before December 14th and get free a interior clean up of your boat.

Some tapas

You have planned to arrive at the end of the day and to have dinner at the restaurant … Why not surprise him / her with some tapas?
Whatever the time of day, imagine getting on board your boat, finding a warm and cozy interior, clean and ready, something to grab a bite. We prepare baskets according to your desires, with products from the region and gourmet. Espelt wines, Pau Olive Oil … tell us if you prefer salty or sweet, a mix of both, for which occasion you expect the basket and we will propose a refined composition.

The personalized gift

A plaid, a dressing gown, a cushion … even, an embroidered carpet for the descent of the stairs! It is design, and in addition, it avoids having cold feet. We can personalize the object of your choice. Contact us, according to your wishes and your boat, we will find the gift that would please anyone!

The world of love

Saving the best for last.
The end of year celebrations can be a nice way to say sweet words … send us your message and we will transcribe it on a Christmas card from the Red Cross.
This is the Privilege Gift. As with all our services, the first step is to listen to yourself and write down your desires. We take care of the rest. All you have to do is get on board for these holidays. Contact us ->  info@privilege-yacht.com / +34 972 453 622; +34 616 803 971
Do you need a gift idea to put under the tree? Last year we shared a selection of our favorite marine accent gifts. Feel free to (re) check it -> [Click here]

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